A national strategy at the service of French engineering

Confiance.ai is the technological pillar of the Grand Défi “Securing, certifying and enhancing the reliability of systems based on artificial intelligence” launched by the Innovation Council. It is the largest technological research programme in the #AIforHumanity plan, which is designed to make France one of the leading countries in artificial intelligence (AI).

Federating the driving forces

The Confiance.ai programme brings together a group of major French academic and industrial players in the fields of defence, transport, manufacturing industry and energy who have decided to pool their cutting-edge scientific and technological know-how. 

French know-how
The programme relies on strong engineering know-how and mathematical culture combined with excellence in artificial intelligence to build a sturdy trust in critical systems. In this, it is the symbol of the French cultural approach to the validation of artificial intelligence.

Tackling the challenge of AI industrialisation

The very large-scale deployment of industrial systems integrating AI is a crucial stake for industrial and economic competitiveness and national sovereignty.

The Confiance.ai programme therefore has a strong ambition: breaking down the barriers associated with the industrialisation of AI and equipping French industrial players with methods adapted to their engineering and built on independent technological bases.

The originality of the programme lies in its integrative strategy: it addresses the scientific challenges related to trustworthy AI and provides tangible solutions that can be applied in the real world and are ready for deployment in operations.


A common roadmap to support the deployment of a trustworthy AI

The community’s ambition is materialised and structured around 5 axes: characterisation of AI, trustworthy AI by design, data and knowledge engineering, mastering AI-based system engineering and trustworthy AI for embedded systems. Throughout the programme, the partners will also focus on addressing a number of scientific challenges, such as the construction of trustworthy AI components, the construction of data/knowledge to increase trust in learning, and the trust-generating interaction between the user and the AI-based system.

The first milestone of the strategy identified in the AI Manifesto

In 2019, the French Ministry of Economy and Finance and 8 French industry stakeholders signed a manifesto to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of the industry. Confiance.ai is the first operational implementation and will contribute to gathering a critical mass of skills to support the deployment of trustworthy, explainable and even certifiable AI.

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