Confiance.Ai and the IEEE join forces to guarantee together the design of an ai of trust which is robust both in terms of ethic and technology

Paris, XX, April 12, 2022 The collective* of the programme is announcing the signature of a Memorandum of ... Lire plus a partnership between 13 French companies and research organisations who are taking up the challenge of industrialising artificial intelligence (AI) for critical products and services.

The "Grands Défis" are public investment programmes aiming to develop breakthrough technologies and innovations with a strong ... Lire plus


Supported by a collective of 13 major French industrial and academic partners, is the technological pillar of the Grand Défi “securing, certifying and making systems based on artificial intelligence” reliable. Launched in January 2021 for a period of 4 years, this program funded by France 2030 aims to create a sovereign, open, interoperable and sustainable platform of software tools to promote the integration of trusted artificial intelligence into products and services. reviews. It brings together around forty industrial and academic partners in Saclay and Toulouse around 7 R&D projects. is one of the structuring projects on which the second part of the national strategy for AI is based, announced in October 2021. This program is financed to the tune of €30M by France 2030. In addition, it contributes the implementation by manufacturers of the future European “AI Act” regulation of the European Commission.

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