Use cases

Use case challenges


Use cases play a crucial role in the operation of They are a prerequisite to validate that the developments carried out within the programme meet an AI trust issue of at least one industrial.

Each use case is carried by a use case carrier. The carrier must explain the use case to the teams who develop the tools and methods of the trustworthy environment, in order to guaranty its trust, and clarify the ins and outs of the application in which it is to be integrated.

Following the developments, the use case carrier must validate that the solutions offered by do indeed meet the issue of trust that they submitted to the programme.

This process is what anchors at the heart of the industry, differentiating it from more academic projects that must validate their production on public reference data sets.

The Air Liquide use case – Cylinder counting

The Air Liquide use case – Cylinder counting

A use case for automatic object counting in adverse weather conditions. Lire plus