Look back at Confiance.ai Day 2024, the must-attend event for trustworthy AI

20 Mar 2024Uncategorized

Confiance.ai Day, the must-attend event on trustworthy AI, was held on March 7, 2024 at the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE). For the 360 participants in attendance, it was a unique opportunity to meet the AI engineering and scientific communities and discover the methods and tools deployed by the Confiance.ai collective.

The morning began with the discovery of various posters and demonstrations highlighting the latest technological and scientific advances of the Confiance.ai program. Participants were also able to attend various scientific and industrial presentations, focusing on the impact of the adoption of trusted AI in industry, and the issues surrounding AI regulation. One session was devoted to international initiatives on trusted AI, with speakers from Australia, the UK, Quebec and Germany. Discussions also covered emerging technologies and methods for ensuring the robustness, transparency and ethics of AI systems.

Finally, the day concluded with a collective reflection on the future challenges of AI. While this technology is enjoying rapid growth, many challenges still lie ahead. To keep up to date with the scientific and technological advances of the Confiance.ai program, subscribe to our newsletter.


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